Freedom to explore whether you are here on a trip,
business, or want to explore the streets of Tokyo.
Convenient access within walking distance to seven stations.

A comfortable space to relax and unwind from your travels.
You can choose your room according to the scene.

A room fit for families with children,
where you can stay and relax with peace of mind.

Start your day with a homemade breakfast
and delicious coffee at the cafe.

The perfect base to start your travels
with exciting experiences at your fingertips.

Comfortable travel starts from a hotel with local knowledge of the area

Beloved by many, with a history of 80 years in the heart of Ueno
Originally named "Fushimi Ryokan," it is now known as "Ueno First City Hotel" and has become a hub for numerous active scenes.
Although it is located close to seven different stations, the serene surroundings during the night allow you to relax and rest from your travels peacefully.
Whether for business or leisure, with family, children, or friends or for live events and shopping, our hotel caters to any occasion.
We have all the services you need to ensure a comfortable stay with hospitality that has remained unchanged since our opening.
We will accompany you on your journey to make it as memorable and pleasant as possible.

Room Information

Modern Japanese SAKURA

A modern Japanese room decorated with playful colors and Ryukyu tatami mats. This room, spanning approximately 20 tatami mats, offers a spacious and relaxing environment, making it highly popular among families.

  • Japanese Modern AIKA
    Featuring a modern Japanese interior with Ryukyu tatami mats, this room offers a spacious environment where you can comfortably relax, even barefoot. The generous space has a large-screen TV, a separate bath, and a toilet.
  • Japanese-style Room (12 tatami mats)
    A spacious room covering 12 tatami mats, it has minimal steps and provides a comfortable space, making it suitable for families and those with children.
  • Japanese-style Room (6 tatami mats)
    A renovated room covering 6 tatami mats. Suitable for up to two guests (including children).
  • Japanese-style Room (4.5 tatami mats)
    A renovated room covering 4.5 tatami mats. It is suitable for solo guests and provides a comfortable space for individual use.
  • Japanese Modern Single
    A single room with a modern Japanese touch, renovated in 2020. It has a functional, compact, and simple space design.
  • Standard Single
    Furnished with a Simmons bed, providing a spacious and relaxing stay. It comes with a desk, making it suitable for business trips.
  • Semi-Double
    Furnished with a Simmons semi-double bed and is suitable for two guests. It also comes with a desk, making it suitable for business trips.
  • Double
    Fully renovated with a new unit bath, furniture, and interior. The calming interior design is designed so you can relax and unwind during your stay.
  • Twin
    Characterized by dark tones, this room will provide the perfect relaxation from all your traveling with a renovated unit bath you can comfortably soak in.
  • Superior Twin (Modern Japanese Style)
    A fully renovated room with a high-quality modern theme and an extra bed so that it can accommodate up to three guests.
  • Superior Twin (Bed Style)
    A chic room with a bed style. The bathroom and toilet are separate and come with an extra bed so that it can accommodate up to 3 guests.


1-Chome-14-8 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0005

By train

Distance from each station to the hotel

■JR Yamanote Line/JR Keihin Tohoku Line Okachimachi Station (South Exit) - 5 min. walk (approx.)
■JR Yamanote Line etc. Ueno Station (Hirokoji Exit) - 12 min. walk (approx.)
■Keisei Skyliner Keisei Ueno Station - 10 min. walk (approx.)
■Subway Chiyoda Line Yushima Station (Exit 6) - 1 min. walk (approx.)
■Subway Ginza Line Ueno-Hirokoji Station (Exit A4) - 3 min. walk (approx.)
■Subway Oedo Line Ueno-okachimachi Station (Exit A4) - 3 min. walk (approx.)
■Subway Hibiya Line Naka-Okachimachi Station - 10 min. walk (approx.)

Directions from Okachimachi Station

  1. ①Exit through the south gate at Okachimachi Station.

  2. ②Head west, with the station behind you, and you will find PARCOya on your left.

  3. ③Cross the road between Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank Ueno Building and Ueno Police Station.

  4. ④Proceed along the path between the Art Gallery Tajima building and Asuka Shinkumi Bank.

  5. ⑤Walk approximately 200m to the west and you will reach our hotel.

Customers Arriving by Plane


Mother’s Breakfast

1st Basement Floor
For staying guests only.
7:00am - 9:00am (Only available for breakfast)
Homemade Japanese Breakfast (small side dishes and daily fish selection)
1,100 yen per meal (tax incl.)

With the theme “Mother’s Morning Meal,” our popular breakfast is handmade with warmth daily. Guests can enjoy freshly grilled fish, freshly cooked white rice, and comforting miso soup prepared as you sit. There are also a variety of small dishes and fish that change daily for you to enjoy.

LuLu cafe

1st Floor
Available for staying guests and cafe-only customers.
9:00am~4:00pm(Last Order 3:30pm)
Breakfast, Lunch, Light Snacks, Coffee, Various Drinks

Highlighted by positive reviews from frequent customers, LuLu café offers an exciting menu that includes French toast, 11 different hearty and filling sandwiches, and a daily morning special. Alongside your meal, enjoy aromatic hand-drip coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, amongst many other options. Relax and enjoy delicious food and drinks with LuLu café’s open and inviting interior.

Sightseeing Spots

  • Hanayashiki Amusement Park
    Considered one of Japan's oldest amusement parks, Hanayashiki boasts an exciting and friendly atmosphere with 20 rides, including Japan's most fearsome original roller coaster.

    23 min. by train (approx.)

  • Tokyo Skytree
    Tokyo Skytree and "Solamachi" shopping town are accessible from the hotel by "Tokyo Yume no Shitamachi" Toei Bus via Asakusa, allowing you to ascend Skytree with on-the-day tickets without reservation.

    22 min. by train (approx.)

  • Tokyo Dome City
    Famous for hosting professional baseball matches and as a venue for live performances and events, Tokyo Dome City has various facilities, including an amusement park, hot springs, and a movie theater.

    6 min. by train (approx.)

  • Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate)
    Kaminarimon gate is located at the entrance of one of Japan's most famous temples, Senso-Ji. It stands as a symbol, leading to Nakamise-dori, a lively shopping street, and the temple grounds with stunning architecture and fascinating history and culture.

    15 min. by train (approx.)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Initiatives

Ueno First City Hotel is actively engaged in environmental measures and other initiatives to contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.