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About infection prevention measures

  • About our facility's efforts to deal with infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage of Ueno first city hotel.
    Ueno first city hotel, in order to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus, we give top priority to the health and safety of our customers and employees, and take the following measures so that our customers can stay with peace of mind. We are doing.

    □Initiatives in public spaces□

    1. Installation of alcohol disinfectant
    Disinfectants are installed at the front desk, restaurants, elevator halls, and various places in the hotel facility.
    2. Strengthening regular disinfection
    We regularly disinfect the areas around the front desk, doorknobs, ballpoint pens for writing, buttons in elevators, dressing rooms, doors, and other areas that customers often touch.
    3. Wearing a mask when serving customers
    In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and public health, all staff members wear masks.
    4. Check the health condition of the guest
    Please check the temperature at check-in.In addition, we may ask you to fill out a questionnaire regarding your health condition.
    5. Thorough disinfection in the guest room
    When cleaning the guest rooms, we thoroughly disinfect the doorknobs, switches, desks, and other areas that customers often touch with alcohol.
    6. When you have breakfast at the restaurant, you will be asked to vacate your seat.

    □Employee initiatives□

    1. Wear a mask when going to and from work
    We distribute masks to all employees and oblige them to wear masks when they go to work.
    2. Health management at work and during work
    When going to and leaving work, we take sufficient consideration such as temperature measurement, disinfection of fingers, gargling, and declaration of poor physical condition before conducting business.In addition, employees who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher or who are not in good physical condition are kept waiting at home until one week has passed after their condition recovered.
    3. Sterilization and disinfection in the backspace
    After regular sterilization in the backspace, entering the office, rest room, and restroom, we always thoroughly disinfect and gargle hands.
    4. Unnecessary and unurgent going out,Refrain from meeting
    We instruct employees to refrain from going out unnecessarily, gathering an unspecified number of people, events, and having dinner with each other.
    5. Implementation of staggered work
    We have changed some of the working hours and are commuting to avoid busy hours.

    □Request to customers□

    □We ask for your cooperation in alcohol disinfection at the time of your visit so that our customers can use our hotel with peace of mind.
    □If you have a fever or are not feeling well, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please refrain from visiting the museum.
    □If you are not feeling well or feel unwell, please contact the staff near you.
    □Customers are kindly requested to maintain a social distance by avoiding crowding in the lobby.
    □In addition to the above, customers using Goto Travel Coupons will also be asked to verify their identity.

    The above content may be updated based on the policies indicated by the government and related parties.In that case, we will inform you again.
    Please understand to our customers.