On-Line Reservation


You can reserve online.If you regist to membership, you can reserve very easily
*Registration is free.
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How to become Online Reservation
Confirm room availability status and click the ** (or number) within the desired date of your stay.
For members, please enter your ID and password. For nonmembers, please enter details of the person making the reservation.
An email will be sent upon completion. Please confirm.

How to become Online Member.
Details of your registration will be emailed to you.
Click on the URL of the registration and enter each item.
After checking details, click the registration button to complete member registration.
A notification of completion will be mailed to your registered email address.

Enter your booking number and e-mail address used at the time of reservation, then click on gComfirm The Reservationh
After your booking details have appeared, please click on gCancel This Reservation.h
If you want to receive a confirmation mail, enter your e-mail address at gSend toh before clicking gCancel.h
My Page
After your completion of Online Membership resistration, you can log in to My Page.On My page, following functions are available
#Confirming details of your reservations.@@#Cancelling your reservations.@@#Modifing and deleting your Online Membership resistration data @@
*Changes to reservation details cannot be made from "My Page." To make changes, cancel the reservation and contact the hotel directly to re-register.

What`s Log in ID and Password Inquiries
If you forget the password, We will let you know with email.
#Please input the registered mail address.
#your Log In ID and Password by way of e-mail to the address which is identified.
#If you won't receive the e-mail for some reasons, please feel free to contact us by telephoneor e-mail.